We design and build straight talking websites, working with Start-ups, SME's, Schools & Charities.


We know how important a timeless and emotive brand can elevate your business above your rivals. Using our design talent and business nous, we can help you from the start with brand ideation, all the way to finished logo, illustration and design assets.


Our bread and butter - web design is what we do best. We're just at home designing from scratch the UI for a fully functioning web app as we are working on that microsite of yours. You name it, we can design it!


Believe it or not some people think well written semantic code is just as beautiful as the best design. Unabashedly we are one of them, building accessible and search engine friendly code that is lightweight and quick. Most importantly of all though, everything we build is built with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Concrete5 Specialists

We've built up a reputation for working with the Concrete5 CMS, becoming one of the go to men within the UK as well as further afield. We love how much you can do with it, whilst our clients never cease to be amazed at just how easy it is to manage and edit their websites!



We start by scoping the project, defining the key deliverables. Once these are established we dive into iterative design and strict planning.


When we've agreed upon the design, we move onto building and developing your website, keeping you posted on key milestones.


We make it a habit to deliver on time and on budget and once your project is live we're there to help host and support going forward.

"I've been thoroughly impressed with the rapid response from Pixelfish when called upon, coupled with their flexible approach, they are a joy to work with."

Dean Blake, Cabot Learning Federation

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