Established 2009, Pixelfish was the brainchild of two unconventional thinkers.

We're not shy of doing things differently and like to think our personal approach to how we work is why you will enjoy working with us. Oh, it might also be because of the excellent results we deliver for our clients.

Our passions revolve around two things, first great design and second the latest technology. We enjoy nothing more than marrying the two together to create something that is both beautiful to use but also functionally excellent.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We like to be open about how we work, so here are some of our most commonly asked questions.

How much will a website cost?

This will vary depending on the exact nature of what you need your website to do, if it’s a fairly standard CMS brochure site then it will commonly be in the £3-4k ballpark. Something more complex such as an eCommerce website will typically be between £4-8k.

What are your rates?

Our hourly rate is £70 and our day rate is £560, these are excluding VAT.

Will I end up being charged more?

We take great pride in producing the work at the originally agreed quote. It’s only if the project requirements fundamentally change do we need to revisit our original quote. If this needed to be considered, you'd be the first to know.

How long will my project take?

On average projects will take 6-10 weeks, this will depend on the specification of the project. We’re also used to working with much tighter deadlines, so there’s a fair chance we can still help even if it’s a matter of weeks until launch.

Will you put together free pitch designs?

No. We don’t believe this is a fair way to choose a design studio to work with. We’ll happily advise where we can and answer your questions, but design is our currency and we don’t give it away for free.

Do you have any jobs available?

Not at the moment but we’re always keen to hear from freelance designers and developers, simply send an email to

"If you need a website designed & built, Bertie & Jack whole heartily recommends Pixelfish - project management team goes above & beyond..AMAZING!"

Emma Hughes, Bertie & Jack

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